[:ja]プライバシーポリシー 個人情報保護方針[:en]Privacy Policy Personal Information Protection Policy[:]







ご利用者の個人情報の取得、範囲、利用目的等に変更が発生した場合は、当ウェブサイト上で掲示を行い、最新の情報をお知らせいたします。[:en]Recognizing the importance of protection of personal information, the Betttilt complete conquering guide specifies the following “Personal Information Protection Policy” regarding the handling of information (Personal Information) that can identify specific individuals, such as customers and business partner related parties (The following are the users.) that are handled in the course of business, and strives to protect them.

Acquisition of Personal Information
Personal information is obtained through legal and fair means.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Betttilt complete strategy guide uses the personal information provided by the user for the following purposes:.
*To respond to inquiries by telephone or e-mail.
*For the purpose of informing you of various documents in the request for documents.
*In order to communicate with users to provide services such as providing the latest information
*For the purpose of improving the provision of services to users

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will not disclose to any third party any personal information provided by users of the Bettilt Complete Strategy Guide except in any of the following cases.
*With the consent of the user
*When disclosure is requested by relevant organizations under laws and regulations
*Cases where disclosure or provision is made to subcontractors within the scope necessary for business operations

Safety Management of Personal Information
In the management of personal information of users, we will strive to prevent leakage of personal information to the outside and manage it appropriately.

Protection of personal information linked from Our Company
In order to ensure the safety of personal information on the third party website linked from the Bettelt’s complete attack guide, we ask that you check the privacy policy regarding the protection of personal information at the link.

Changes to this Policy
When there is a change in the acquisition, scope, purpose of use, etc., of the personal information of the user, the latest information will be posted on this website.[:]